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"We do not steal" - a video of the road construction from the expensive carbon to EXPO has appeared

15 May

A video, where can be seen that during the construction of the road as a sealant for the future road the workers are laying layers of expensive carbon fibre is gaining popularity in social networks. Clip allegedly shot in Astana, and the author behind the scene said that the construction takes place in preparation for the world exhibition EXPO 2017.

"The height of the carbon is 2.70. It stupidly being put down on the ground. There is no isolation, no parking, or any basements - it's just a road here. An ordinary street road. It has been completely rolled up with concrete. Carbon, the height of the carbon reaches 3 meters, an average of 2.70. This is how we build EXPO. Here I have brought a machine, that's my machine, there are products worth 700,000. Such machines like mine for this sight have been rolled, well, around 50 already, if not more. So that's the way we work and build EXPO. Apparently the material was signed over - and this way they show that "we do not steal". "We don't steal, we just f***ing put all this under the ground...," says the voice off-screen.

The video was published on many popular Kazakhstan social networks, including in mass groups on Instagram, and users expressed an outrage over what they saw.

"The heart aches for such a stupid use of resources ...," wrote sagyndyk1992.

"Just wait, they will dig it out after EXPO," musatich user is confident.

"EXPO will end and such burials will be remade, they rob very cleverly," aubakirovzhanat5467 user commented.

"The amount of money is surprising and terrifying even the suppliers of expensive materials. Well, they are right, only they know the price and how to use the material, and the builders apparently don't," wrote a.tymakbaev user.

It should be noted that officials in Kazakhstan regularly report on the saved funds in preparation for the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. At the same time, one of the largest corruption scandals in the country is connected with the exhibition in Astana - a number of former managers of the company organizer of the event were convicted in the case of theft of 10.2 billion tenge (more than 32 million US dollars at the current rate). However, one of the defendants of the case, the scandalously known ex-official Kazhimurat Ussenov, was already released.

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