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About the problems of environmental pollution was told at EXPO through art

22 June

The exhibition of the famous Kazakh artist Saule Suleimenova, entitled "Somewhere in the Great Steppe" has opened on the territory of Astana EXPO 2017. All exhibits of the exhibition are made of plastic, and the exposition is devoted to the problems of environmental pollution, namely, the steppes and the cities of Kazakhstan, “Kazinform” reports.

"Speaking of my exhibition - it’s a series of works from plastic bags. No other materials were used in the work.It can be imagined that plastic resembles the pieces of gold, precious metals and stones, while it is nothing more than just a petroleum product. I cut out and glue coloured pieces and stripes and they become for me a palette knife, a brush and paints in painting, in my cellophane painting,” the artist shared.

Such an exhibition format, in the opinion of Suleimenova, should arouse the interest of everyone without exception.

"The exhibition is going very well and now we are receiving a feedback. I really hope that my exhibition will be of interest to Astana residents and guests of the city. I expect no one to remain indifferent, because we all live in a plastic world, we use plastic bags. We can not ignore this. I think my works were interesting to everyone,” the author is confident.

In the works of Suleimenova, the edition notes, there are no other artistic materials - no acrylic, no oil, no watercolour paint.

"The technology of cellophane painting unexpectedly turned out to be very complex and time-consuming. Plastic does not stick to plastic, it can only be connected by hot “welding”, that is, using a thermo-gun and silicone at high temperature.This new language will be able to incorporate everyday experience into a global context and give it a global meaning. Moreover, it is also capable of expressing the highest spiritual purpose of art,” the agency concludes.

Saule Suleimenova is a member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan. Her works were exhibited at the Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong, at the “Manifesto" exhibition, as well as at the famous biennales in Venice and Moscow. The artist is a laureate of a number of prestigious Kazakhstan prizes.

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