Kazakh checkers to be shown at the EXPO

26 May

A new board game called Kazdoiby was invented in the Mangistau region. The authors want to show their invention at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, the channel "Khabar 24" broadcasts.

Authors of the new entertainment - teachers of PE Amankeldi Medenov and Zharas Kalimanov. The game, the creators say, is somewhat similar to checkers but it is distinguished by a national color. The teachers spent 4 years to develop the game and now they hold various competitions among schoolchildren.

"The main emphasis in the Kazakh national games is put on the intellectual development of children and all of this is present in our game, for example, mathematical calculation, concentration of attention and logical thinking. The game is interesting and educational for the children. The most important thing is that the new game distracts children from different gadgets", - said the author of the game Amankeldy Medenov.

Unlike checkers, there are only 8 figures in this game, and the number of participants has doubled. Four players take turns to play it in counter-clockwise order. The task is to conquer the opponent's field.

"We want to stylize the game in the national color, for example, we call the usual checkers as "sarbaz" (literally translated as a warrior from the Kazakh language - Note and they will be in the shape of steppe animals and the kings can be made in the shape of sultans or biys. Of course, designers should work in this direction. We dream of presenting the game at the upcoming EXPO 2017 exhibition," - said Ali Kabakov, a methodologist of the Mangistau region education department.

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