Unique heating with ice technology has been presented at EXPO

19 June

The unique technology of heating with ice of the German company Viessmann was presented at the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana. This was reported in the press service of the organizer of the exhibition, website reports.

Viessmann will show 3 unique technologies at EXPO: the IceStorage systems is an efficient system of heating and cooling with ice, the power-to-gas technology - an innovative method of converting excess energy and natural gas, as well as thermal cells Fuel Cell - technology of heat and power generation, regardless of the central network. It is possible to get acquainted with these technologies in the "Best Practices Zone” pavilion.

"The innovative IceStorage system uses three renewable energy sources at once - the sun, the air and the heat of the Earth. Just imagine: the heat stored in the summer can be saved to use in winter! And vice versa - the energy of crystallization of ice in the cold time can be turned into heat. In a special ice warehouse the natural processes of freezing and thawing of water are occurring, which are converted into energy for heating and cooling the building. It is completely harmless to the environment, can be used everywhere and most importantly - the cheapest resource as the most ordinary tap water is used as effectively as possible,” in the press service said.

The essence of the power-to-gas technology is that excess electricity from renewable sources is used to generate hydrogen and then methane. The produced gas can be used in the existing gas network without further processing, and also stored in large volumes and for a long time.

"The fuel cell, which Viessmann also presents at its booth, will be appreciated by the owners of private houses - an efficient system of production of heat and electricity through the development of natural gas, which allows to be 95% independent of the central network. In this connection, the fuel cells can replace or supplement the central power supply and other systems of renewable energy sources,” the report says.

This technology, as noted in the press service of JSC “NC” “Astana EXPO2017”, helps to reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere by half.

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