Kazakhstan's glass processing project to be presented at EXPO

5 June

Karaganda region will present 7 projects in the Kazakhstan pavilion of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. They include start-ups in the field of development of renewable energy and development with a scientific component, portal reports.

The forthcoming exhibition will also present the scientific and technical project "Eskolit-K" which is an innovation in the field of waste glass recycling.

"Our company has over 10 years of experience in the market of glass products. During this time not a single piece of glass was thrown away. We have collected more than 1,000 tons of glass wastes and studied the experience of developed countries where each city has a mini-factory for glass processing. These cities have refused from plastic utensils. Each city produce glassware. The essence of the work of these plants is reduced to breaking up the glass into small fractions. Then the products are handed over to the glass container factory. We have moved a little further – we have invited scientists of KSTU and developed new building materials: gasglass concrete and foamglass concrete. The main advantage of the project is recycling and processing of glass waste", - said Sagat Ualiyev, project manager of science and technology "Eskolit-K" project , the representative of "The World of Glass".

The national pavilion will present projects at the stage of planning along with the projects already in progress. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with them using a special interactive map.

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