Kazakhstan-made LADA Vesta Electric Sedan was for the first time presented at EXPO

22 June

The LADA Vesta electric vehicle was for the first time presented at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, assembled at the Kazakhstan "ASIA AUTO” plant. Electric sedan can be seen at the stand of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, website reports with reference to the press service of "BIPEK AUTO” company.

LADA Vesta EV (electric vehicle) is a full-fledged class “B" sedan, equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 82 horsepower (60 kilowatts) and a lithium-ion battery, charged both at fast charging stations and in the household electric system. The charging time from an ordinary electrical outlet is 9 hours, at the specialized station - 80 minutes. In addition, recharging of the batteries occurs due to the braking recovery. The power reserve on one charge is 150 kilometres. The cost of one kilometre of the electric vehicle's mileage is five times lower than the petrol analogue,” the vehicle manufacturers said.

The speed of 100 kilometres per hour electric vehicle develops in 15.5 seconds. The maximum movement speed is 140 kilometres per hour.

"The main advantages of eco-friendly Vesta EV - the absence of harmful emissions, ergonomics, noise, safety and the affordable cost of exploitation. The common petrol prototype platform reduces the cost of design and simplifies the service. The electric vehicle does not consume oil, oil and air filters, belts and other traditional consumables.. LADA Vesta EV is equipped with a telematic Connected cars device. The mobile application on the smartphone screen allows the driver to remotely monitor the technical condition of the vehicle, to start or stop the electric motor, to open and close the doors, to monitor the temperature, to identify and give the owner an information about the whereabouts of the car,” reported in the company.

In addition, the system will warn the driver in case of speeding or travelling beyond the designated geofence.

Let us note that LADA Vesta EV is not the only electric vehicle that Kazakhstan demonstrates at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Among the exhibits you can see electric vehicles "JAC" from Kostanai region, as well as electric buses of Kazakhstan production.

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