Guests were presented a “Himmapan” show and a duel Muay Thai at the Thailand pavilion opening

10 June

The opening ceremony of the national pavilion of the Kingdom of Thailand was held on the territory of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Exclusively for the guests of the ceremony, among which were Thai and Kazakh diplomats, as well as representatives of the relevant ministries of Thailand, the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom organized a colourful presentation, website reports.

Visitors have witnessed the legendary”Himmapan" show, as well as demonstration duels of the Muay Thai fighters- the famous Thai boxing. The presentation was accompanied by visual effects, implemented using modern technologies.

The Thai exposition itself occupied an area of 974.67 square meters. Thailand presented the concept of harmonious coexistence of the economy of large cities and rural areas on the principles of popular wisdom.

"The Kingdom has sufficient potential to develop bioenergy-based economy through the abundance of plant resources, as the majority of Thais are agriculturalists.The main production infrastructure also has a positive impact on the development of a new economic wave that contributes to increased agricultural growth, future food production, biological processing and the production of biopharmaceuticals,” the representatives of the pavilion said.

The Thailand Pavilion consists of three exhibition halls. The first hall tells about the Thai way of life and the basic values of the people of Thailand, in the second hall the robotic mannequin in the 3D cinema talks about Thai projects in the field of energy, about the implementation of energy projects of the future based on bio-resources. The third hall presents an interactive exposition, implying the involvement of visitors in the process of energy production.

“Guests can become members of the Energy Creation Lab and take part in the processes of extracting energy out of sources of biomass and bioenergy: sugarcane, eucalyptus, rubber, king grass, rice, corn, animal dung, cassava and palm oil. For sustainable energy production in Thailand, an important role is played by all recreational activities to protect the environment, including the promotion and development of renewable energy sources: biomass, biogas and biofuel,” the exhibition organizers shared.

Let us remind, the ear of corn Pa-lang was selected as a mascot of Thailand pavilion. It means power, strength and the potential to create energy.

 It is expected that Thai EXPO pavilion will be one of the most visited at the exhibition.

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