About a billion dollars was saved on the EXPO construction

29 May

Akhmetzhan Yessimov, the Chairman of JSC “NC” “Astana Expo 2017”, told journalists about how much money was saved on the construction of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 objects. This is reported by “Khabar 24” television channel.

"It was a big job. Maybe even a fight with contractors. It’s natural, they want to make more money. Nevertheless, we have been successful in doing so. A huge amount of work. From the feasibility study, which was developed as early as 2014, of the cost of work we have now managed to save more than 300 billion tenge (about one billion US dollars at the current rate - Note These 1.5 years were very tense,” Yessimov said.

According to him, the very process of preparation for the exhibition became a kind of anti-crisis program for the country. About 400 enterprises received orders and fulfilled works for 414 billion tenge. As a result, 55 thousand jobs were created.

"Over one million tickets were sold to representatives of 44 states, more than 1 billion of the world's population was covered with information about the exhibition," added the head of the organizer of EXPO 2017.

In addition, Yessimov said that one of the objects of the heritage of the exhibition could be the educational centre Job World, which will train professionals in various specialties. The head of JSC “NC” “Astana EXPO 2017” told about this, answering the question about the further use of the exhibition complex after the event. Young people under the age of 24 can apply to the centre.

"It is a state educational centre, but there are a lot of sponsors. The sponsors later choose from these young people, who are under the age of 24, the already prepared staff. There is such an idea as well, in short, there are more proposals than free areas," Yessimov said.

It should be reminded, among the objects that will appear on the territory of the world specialized exhibition after the completion of EXPO 2017 is the International Financial Centre "Astana", which will have two pavilions of the complex, as well as the Eurasian Financial Centre and the IT startups park.

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