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A "field" of marijuana was discovered on the territory of EXPO

22 May

On the lawns, which are located on the territory of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, marijuana has sprouted in large numbers. This was reported by Youtube user under the name of BAZARBAI, who published the corresponding video on his channel and entitled the video "Astana Expo 2017 Cannabis hemp”.

"Guys, I'm on the EXPO territory right now. Here is the ball behind this building. It’s kind of beautiful here and everything is fine.  And here, I realize that it seems they are going to show to foreign tourists, like, we have this thing called “Chuy Valley." Moreover, it is right here, right at EXPO, laughing, commented off-screen  the author on his video, demonstrating the cannabis bushes. Everything is planted around here. It seems like someone specifically took and planted that field.”

Let us note that this is not the first time when in the central regions of Astana townspeople find lawns sown with marijuana. One such case in 2015 even made headlines of British newspapers, after which the authorities began an investigation.

Chuy Valley is a tectonic hollow located in the South of Kazakhstan and the North of Kyrgyzstan. In mass culture, it is known for being the site of the massive growth of wild hemp with pronounced psychotropic properties.

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