Israel pavilion was opened on the territory of EXPO

14 June

Leading Israeli companies presented their developments at the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. The official opening ceremony of the Israeli pavilion was held in Astana, the website of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress writes.

At the exhibition in Astana, Israel was represented by such companies as GreenQ, HomeBiogas, Unleash the light, Eco Wave Power, Tevatronic, Farm Dog and others. According to the creators of the pavilion, renewable energy sources are widespread in Israel, especially solar batteries. Residents install them on the roofs of houses and earn, giving surplus electricity to the state.

"Each economy can not only accumulate it for its own needs, but sell the surplus of this energy, give, or received some credits and using them pay later. This technology is innovative, it has not yet been widely implemented. By 2020 about 10% of electricity will be produced from renewable sources, not from oil, gas or coal", - Anna Magina, communications director of the Israeli pavilion said.

The National Day of Israel will be held on June 29. The Israeli singer AvevA will take part in the concert program.

Earlier, the site shared the information about start-ups that will be presented at the exhibition by Israel. These are developments that will make it possible to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and water, and also to convert household waste.

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