Robotics festival took place on the territory of EXPO

6 July

The best works of students of Nazarbayev intellectual schools from all over Kazakhstan have been presented at the festival of robotics. The competition took place in the Congress Center, located on the territory of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, writes.

The participants of the contest demonstrated projects in four specific areas: "Low-cost and clean energy", "Sustainable cities and settlements", "Combating сlimate сhange" and "Conservation of ecosystems and land".

The best developments were recognized from different regions of the country. Among them there is the project of Anatoly Alexeev and Ratmir Sartbaev from Almaty. Their robot Forest firefighter bot is designed for patrolling forests and preventing fires. The plant is equipped with special sensors to search for fires and pumps for pumping water. Team Broadminded team v2.0. from Uralsk presented a robot that produces "green energy." The mobile hydroelectric power plant is equipped with a magnetic drum. The robot is able to generate electrical energy, which is enough to charge a mobile phone. Young designers from Atyrau region have created a robot that struggles with desertification. Their installation is equipped with a special sensor that tests the soil for fertility. The robot can drill, fertilize and plant plant seeds.

The works of schoolchildren was evaluated by a special jury, which took into account several criteria.

"It's important how a child presents the project. Whether there are slides, a banner, how convincingly he or she exposes the evidence base. The points are given for each student's work: after all, someone has a good idea, but the project is not realized, whereas someone has finished the project all the way from A to Z - this is all work. If the jury has any arguments, we will ask additional questions to the participants", - Azamat Zhumakhmet, the head of the Robotics Project Development Service said.

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