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The largest marine mammal park in Central Asia has opened on EXPO territory in Astana

1 June

The largest marine mammal park in Central Asia has opened on the threshold of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana. This was reported in the press service of akim of Astana.

"The total area of the family entertainment park is 7,190 square meters. The park includes a huge swimming pool for performances, two additional swimming pools for quarantine and pinnipeds, the stands for 400 seats, including for people with disabilities," in the Akimat reported.

According to the press service, the opening of the first park was organized by the Astana city branch of "Nur Otan” party. Now in the park you can see performances of four bottlenose dolphins and three fur seals. The Akimat assured that the enchanting show includes more than 40 different elements.

"Dear residents of the capital, on the threshold of the international exhibition EXPO 2017 in our city has opened the largest marine mammal park. This is a cultural and historical event, because marine mammals of the dolphinarium perform a grandiose show. Today, 400 children have come to see the show, 100 of them with special needs,” said at the opening ceremony, the deputy chairman of the capital branch of “Nur Otan” party, Vladislav Sergeev.

According to the resident of Astana, Lyazzat Bersebayeva, she saw such a family entertainment park, where she came with two children, for the first time.

“Thus, not only children, but also adults were delighted by the dolphins and fur seals," was summed up in the Akimat.

Residents and guests of Astana can visit the show in Happylon Park, situated in "Mega Silk Way” shopping and entertainment centre, which is located on the territory of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. The first show of sea animals was held for children from orphanages.

Let us note that not everyone is happy with the opening of the park - earlier animal advocates started a petition asking not to open the dolphinarium. The authors of the petition stated that such highly developed mammals, whose natural habitat is the sea, should not be kept in captivity. However, they were told that all the animals that would perform in the new park were not born in a natural environment, but in captivity, and therefore are more accustomed and comfortable in confined spaces than in the ocean.

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