The leading media of China wrote a lot of material about Dimash Kudaibergen on the eve of his concert at EXPO

12 May

The leading media of China, the "Xinhua" news agency, published a lot of material about the Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen whose concert is expected within the framework of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. In the article "Dimash: cultural ambassador on the Silk Road", the Chinese journalists analyze the events connected with phenomenal rise of the artist and tell the citizens of the People's Republic of China about him and the details that remained behind the scenes of the popular TV show "I'm a singer" in China.

"I want to bring the cultures of our two countries closer together with the help of music, to expand and strengthen the friendship between our peoples", - said Dimash Kudaibergen in an interview with the agency.

The publication notes that the young Kazakh singer admits that after the success in China the audience expects a lot from him and this is a big responsibility.

"He is a beam of the culture of the Kazakh people, the character of the Great Steppe. This is, of course,  interesting for Chinese viewers", - Xinhua quotes Chinese Ambassador Zhan Hanhuey about Kazakhstan's participation in the Chinese TV show.

As the youngest participant in the "I'm a singer" project, Dimash Kudaibergen took second place folowing only the famous singer from Hong Kong, Lin Yilan.

"For a few months that the contest lasted, the singer received millions of fans not only in China and Kazakhstan but also in many other countries. He was appreciated in the Chinese music community, he was awarded the prestigious Top Chinese Music Awards in the nomination of "The most popular singer in Asia", - the agency writes.

The authors of the article note that in Kazakhstan Dimash is called the pride of the country.

"He glorified the culture of our people to the whole world. This is a real "soft power", - the Chinese journalists quote the words of the speaker of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.

As Xinhua notes, the unique voice, character, professionalism of Chinese producers, the ability of Chinese viewers to appreciate art, a developed social network and much more are called as factors contributing to such popularity of the young performer.

"Admirers, of course, were also impressed by the singer's love for the culture of the Kazakh people which he wants to make "recognizable all over the world", - the authors of the material write.

During one of the tours Dimash performed the Kazakh folk song "Daididau" and played "Aday" kyu.

"It did not seem unfamiliar to listeners but was received very positively. Many expressed their interest in this song", - the singer himself explained to the agency.

The artist noted that this gave him the opportunity to " make sure once again that the music knows no boundaries."

The authors of the article note the growing interest of the Chinese to Kazakhstan singer after the speech of Dimash Kudaibergen in the contest "I'm a singer".

"Thanks to Dimash, I now want to learn more about his homeland", - the 19-year-old Chinese Lu Lou told reporters.

A talented and at the same time modest performer, undoubtedly, influenced the interest of the Chinese, especially young people, to Kazakhstan in general, the publication notes and adds that it would not be entirely correct to say that such interest is one-sided.

"The fact that the Kazakhstani performer is appreciated by neighbors contributes to ensuring that China is adequately perceived within the Kazakh society", - the expert of the international relations expert, Daniyar Koznazarov, says.

According to the expert, contacts between China and Kazakhstan not only intensified but also expanded after the launch of the Economic belt of the Silk Road. This included interaction at the level of universities, analytical centers, provincial authorities, museums, and creative organizations.

"The more diversified interaction we have, the stronger the interstate relations are", - Kosnazarov is sure.

The agency considers Dimash Kudaibergen as a bridge that strengthens bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and China.

"During the state visit to Kazakhstan in September 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the initiative of the Economic Belt of the Silk Road. A year later, the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed a new economic policy "Nurly Zhol". The two countries have begun to connect the initiative of "Belt and Road" with the program "Nurly Zhol". "Meeting on the Light Silk Road" was the name of the concert that took place on April 17 in Beijing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Kazakhstan where Dimash Kudaibergen and other well-known Kazakh artists performed together with the Symphony Orchestra of Radio and Television of China", - Xinhua mentions.

The authors also remind us that even during the contest "I'm a singer" Kazakh singer visited Chengdu – the administrative center of the South-Western China's Sichuan province thus becoming the first official ambassador of the project "I am in China" designed to show the beauty and uniqueness of Chinese culture .

"The singer talked to pandas, got acquainted with the cultural peculiarities of Chengdu and tried the Sichuan hoogo (Chinese samovar)", - the media says.

The publication notes that, according to Dimash, he likes spicy food and likes many Chinese dishes.

"I know that the Chinese tend to serve several dishes on a rotating round table, so you can try a variety of dishes at a time. This is a very fascinating process. It is not something like we do when we first eat the first dish, then the second dish and so on. In China you can eat dishes in any order, a little bit of this, a little bit of that and now you are full. Our countries have different cultures that are unique in their own ways. I am very glad that in communicating with the Chinese I saw their hospitality, thoughtfulness , modesty and other wonderful traits of character", - the singer shared.

The publication reminds that the concert of Dimash Kudaibergen will be held within the framework of the world specialized exhibition EXPO. His performance will be the beginning of the concert tour of the singer in Kazakhstan and other countries.

"I'm looking forward to a concert tour of China. I hope that this day will come very soon", - Dimash told the Chinese journalists. website has already mentioned five reasons why the forthcoming Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition is interesting to the Chinese. Among the main reasons is the upcoming concert of Dimash Kudaibergen whose participation in the "I'm a singer"contest made China plunge into a real "Dimashemania". Earlier, the director of the Department of Industry and Tourism of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Igali promised that the popular singer would definitely take part in the exhibition. In addition to the concert itself, it is expected that an animation studio from Beijing will show an animated film about Dimash Kudaibergen at the EXPO 2017.

Earlier Kazakhstan's Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Mukhamediuly told about the concert of the singer at an exhibition in an interview with the Chinese television channel. Let us mention that there was a fight between the guards of the Central Concert Hall "Kazakhstan" and journalists at the concert of the singer in Astana. Commenting on this information, Minister Muhamediuly noted that he made appropriate conclusions before the exhibition.

At the moment the EXPO organizers are working on the possibility of holding two concerts of Dimash Kudaibergen. This is due to the increased interest in the singer's performance both from foreigners and from hosts of the exhibition. Let us add that the singer recently appeared on air of French television and invited France residents to his concert to be held in Kazakhstan within the framework of the EXPO.

Tickets for the concert of the singer are already on sale. Their cost starts from 2 thousand tenge.

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