Named the total cost of Switzerland’s participation in EXPO

17 May

3.8 million euros was spent by Switzerland for participation in the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. This was stated by the Commissioner General of the Swiss national pavilion Manuel Zalchli, the “Sputnik” agency reports.

Of the total budget, according to Manuel Zalchli, 1.6 million euros were spent on the creation of the stand.

"The budget for EXPO 2017 is more than it was at the world exhibition in Zaragoza in 2008, but less than we spent on the South Korean pavilion in Yeosu in 2012. At the same time, the pavilion's area corresponds to this difference: the total area of the pavilion in Astana is 560 square meters,”  said Zalchli.

Let us note that Switzerland was the first of the participating countries EXPO 2017 that prepared the facade of its pavilion at the exhibition site.

"Clearly, it was important for us to participate in EXPO 2017, because “Energy of the future” has already become the energy of the present for us, this is what we are strong in. But another important thing: when we were at the exhibition in Milan the pavilion of Kazakhstan was incredible! I was impressed and inspired by it! I think that many countries, seeing it, realized that the exhibition in Astana will be held at the highest level, and we also wanted to correspond to it,” the representative of Switzerland admitted.

On the territory of the pavilion, about 15 people will work as guides, and only five of them will come from Switzerland. The rest we managed to recruit in Kazakhstan.

"We were impressed by the high level of preparation of the young people who came for the interview. They speak Kazakh, Russian and English, and also speak one or several European languages,” said the head of the pavilion.

The Swiss have already started installing the exhibits in their pavilion of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 and the work is on schedule. The theme of the Swiss pavilion "Flower Power" ("the power of flowers") will present visitors with energy efficiency of a person in the everyday life, motivating people to use energy more efficiently. On the territory of the pavilion there will be three thematic houses dedicated to the beautiful Swiss mountain ranges, the rational use of water and the popularization of national cuisine.

Among the guests of the exhibition expected the visit of the famous pilot Rafael Domzhan, who after visiting EXPO plans to fly to the stratosphere by plane that’s powered by solar energy.

Earlier the presentation of the Swiss pavilion for EXPO was held in Bern. More than 50 representatives of Switzerland's official, scientific and business circles from various fields of activity, such as healthcare, green energy, energy efficiency, wind power plants and the financial sector participated in the work of the round table on the topic "Kazakhstan is a country of opportunities. EXPO 2017".

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