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One of the most shocking and odious political activists of Kazakhstan remained pleased with EXPO

13 June

One of the most odious and shocking political activists of Kazakhstan Amantay Kazhy has visited the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. This was reported by “Sputnik” agency.

"A tall man in white national clothes with a staff and a flag of Kazakhstan loudly shouted slogans: both foreigners and compatriots tried to make a photo with an eccentric guest. The first ones - because they obviously took him for an animator, especially since he reminded of the image of Kadyr-ata that was involved in the opening ceremony. The second ones, because they understood that this was none other than the activist and eternal presidential candidate Amantay Kazhy,” the edition writes.

According to the agency, a political activist known for his ambiguous actions, remained pleased with the exhibition.

"I am the third day at EXPO, the exhibition is held at the highest level. I was in the pavilion of Kazakhstan and I liked it very much. I was also greeted very warmly and I was given gifts in pavilions of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Japan. It’s a big holiday in Astana now, celebration, congratulations everyone! On Friday in "Khazret Sultan” mosque I specifically gave a bata (a blessing) to our president. I wish our Elbasy good health!” Amantay Kazhy said.

After such a revelation, as the edition reports, he began shouting out loud the usual for him phrases, shaking his staff.

“I’m not pleasing anyone! You all know the state of our people! The leaders steal and flee the country! Let Nazarbayev put them all in jail! Let Kazakhstan be an eternal and great country!” the shocking activist shouted.

The media in its material calls Amantay Kazhy "the loudest visitor" of the exhibition.

"In conclusion, the loudest visitor started to sing "Menіn Kazakhstanym” song, which became the national anthem of Kazakhstan, urging all those gathered around curious citizens to sing along. Foreign guests, not quite aware of what is going on, were watching the "flash mob” with undisguised delight," the agency sums up.

Let us note that Amantay Kazhy due to his shocking behaviour and populist slogans is known as the Kazakh analogy of Vladimir Zhirinovsky - an odious Russian politician. Since 1999, the eccentric Kazakh regularly nominates his candidacy for all the presidential elections without exception in Kazakhstan.

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