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"From the manufacturer of abibas" - users laugh at the misspelled word "EXPO" on a bench in Astana

23 May

Users of social networks in Kazakhstan upload photos of a bench in the park named after Bauyrzhan Momyshuly in Astana where small architectural forms of this type are stylized for the design of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. The authors of the photographs draw attention to the fact that the word "EXPO" on one of the benches is misspelled – the manufacturers of the letters wrote "EPXO".

The most active discussion unfolded in the popular humorous accounts "Yes zhe ya priezhy" where the users commented "Only fools rush in to get to Instagram", "Made in China", "T9".

At the same time a real competition in wits unfolded in the comment section where everyone tries to joke more funny than the previous user.

"From the manufacturer of abibas", - wrote di_92ast.

"The amount does not change from the change of the terms," - noted frommars_withlove.

"The main thing is four cherished letters and order does not matter," - the saule_2309 user said.

"It's because of the wind," - rinatbrat user is sure.

Some have reasonably assumed that the manufacturers will be punished for the mistake.

"Now they will search the guilty for a week. They will find and punish him, make the enemy of the people out of him and everyone will be announced through the media," - wrote zhasdauren_80.

"Never mind," - summed up rahymzhanov2471270.

Photo by Kazinfo.today.

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