Tajikistan EXPO pavilion: water energy and a semi precious stone tree of happiness

16 June

A two-meter-long semi precious stone tree of happiness decorated the exposition of Tajikistan at the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. The country section is represented in the "Silk Road” group of pavilions, information portal writes.

The Minister of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic, Usmonzoda Usmonali arrived at the celebration of the National Day of Tajikistan at EXPO. According to Mr. Usmonali, the country has huge reserves of hydropower resources, estimated at 527 billion kilowatts a year. Of these, only 4-5% are used.

It is noteworthy that Tajikistan occupies the first place in Central Asia for its water resources. As the minister noted, the republic could sell water energy at a low cost to its nearest neighbours.

"One of the wishes is that KEGOC (Kazakhstan energy company - Note,with its great potential, created a single Russia-Kazakhstan-Central Asia market.We could work in this market and make the most efficient use of the resources that exist in the region. Why would you, for instance, use coal in the summer when you can use the surplus of Tajikistan's hydro resources.We would like Kazakhstan's energy sector to take the initiative and create a regional market,” Usmonali noted.

Instead of selling the water energy, Tajikistan annually loses more than 250 million dollars.

"The cost per kilowatt is 2 cents. It is hard to believe, but it’s true," said Odila Sangova, Director of Tajikistan's exposition.

It should be noted that Tajikistan pavilion has information stands about the hydro sources used, as well as a two-meter handmade semi precious stone tree of happiness. Such stones visitors of the exhibition can buy in the pavilion for almost nothing.

Let us remind that the expositions of Ukraine, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan are also located in the “Silk Road” group of pavilions.

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