The first international "Eurasian Dance Festival" was held in Astana within EXPO

6 July

The first international "Eurasian Dance Festival" was held in Astana within the framework of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. According to “Kazakh TV” television channel, the festival lasted 6 days.

"This show is famous for the hits of singers like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and bands like “Queen” and "U2." World hits of different periods. It always works up the crowd. Each act was accompanied by colourful visuals,” the coordinator of the festival Stanislav Fecho shared.

According to the organizers, the main idea of the festival is to make ballet art more accessible to the viewer and at the same time create a specialized platform for professionals from different countries. In addition to popularizing the classical dance, the large-scale event reveals the entire palette of contemporary choreographic styles, the television channel notes.

"Astana is a young capital, an open city, and we, when we were engaged in the festival, tried to make the festival open to the whole world. We invited troupes from Europe, America and Asia in order to show modern dance styles, author's choreography, the latest trends that take place in the ballet world. Different styles, both modern and neoclassic, and even rock, hip-hop, and of course, classics, our foundation,” said the artistic director of the festival Vasily Medvedev.

The first international "Eurasian Dance Festival" was attended by "Astana Opera" and "Astana Ballet” collectives, the legendary American troupe "Rock the ballet", as well as the famous "Universal Ballet" from South Korea.

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