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Why people in Astana make mess everywhere - Instagram user found out the reason on the eve of EXPO

4 May

A resident of Astana, Timur Asylkhanov, made a video showing that the toilets of the capital of Kazakhstan equipped with coin acceptors. Although they accept payment without the possibility of returning it, they, in fact, do not render services. The user posted the video in his Instagram account and added hashtags #expo17 and #expo2017.

"Today I found out one of the ways to replenish the city budget: you put a metal box with fake doors, twist in bright bulbs, screw in a coin box with the price tag and a "Public toilet" sign and here you go! Ostap Bender is nothing compared to this. The city residents like all sorts of know-how and uses different new technologies and the guests of the capital also do not want to lag behind the capital residents and they happily run to test these technologies. And here comes the deceipt. Money goes to the "Public Toilet" while services are ignored. Judging by the appearance of the doors, it seems like offended and deceived users has already tried to open with the use of physical force. Traces of shoes can confirm this", - wrote the author in the caption to the video showing how he throws a coin into the device and tries to open the door to the public restroom.

Asylkhanov notes that these public toilet booths have been decorating the city landscapes for more than a year now.

"They collect the money of unlucky citizens and guests of Astana and somebody regularly makes a profit on conscious citizens. And then we are surprised at what this people are doing their things anywhere in the street. Here is the technological Astana! One complete deception and loud reports that the city is ready to meet the guests saying what they have done here and there", - the user sums up.

Сегодня узнал один из способов пополнения городского бюджета. Ставишь металическую коробку, имитируешь двери, вкручиваешь яркие лампочки, обязательно вкручиваешь монетоприемник с ценником, табличка "Городской туалет" и вуа ля!!!! Остап Бендер отдыхает.)))) Столичный житель любит всякие ноу хау и клюет на разные новые технологии, гости столицы тоже не желают отставать от столичных и с радостью бегут потестить эти самые технологии. А тут обман. Деньги принимает "Городской туалет", а услуги не оказывает. Судя по внешнему виду дверей ее уже пытались открыть с применением физической силы обиженные и обманутые пользователи, следы от башмаков тому подтверждение. Такие кабинки уже больше года украшают городские пейзажи Астаны, собирают денежки незадачливых горожан и гостей Астаны и кто то регулярно делает себе прибыль на сознательных гражданах. А мы потом удивляемся чего это народ гадит где попало. Вот такая технологичная Астана! Один сплошной обман, да громкие отчеты что город готов к встрече гостей, сделали то, сделали это. #Астана #Astana #expo17 #столица #казахстан #expo2017

Публикация от Timur Asylhanov (@timurasylhanov)

From the comments to the video it turned out that the author of the video is not the only one who faced such a problem.

"I have been made a fool too, they took my 100 tenge. I wonder when they will open the coin collector?" - Dilyar Bulatov commented the video.

The user Zharkynay Sharapova commented the account of the Akimat of Astana writing the following and added a smile face trying to draw the attention of the city authorities to the problem with a sense of humor.

"@astana_akimat huge city piggy banks called "Public toilets" appeared in Astana, since they do not perform the main function but they collect money replenishing someone's pocket", the commentator said.

At the moment of writing this material there was no answer from the Astana akimat.

Let us remind that the shortage of public toilets in Astana on the threshold of the world specialized exhibition EXPO has become the topic of material of one of the popular Kazakhstani Internet news portal Informburo.kz. The material was titled as "Shameless place: Why should the Akimat of Astana be ashamed for public toilets".

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