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A Kazakhstan citizen who presented the watches to Nazarbayev is outraged at the cost of participation in EXPO

26 April

A Kazakh businessman from Karaganda Arman Tuskanbaev expressed dissatisfaction with the terms of his participation in the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 on his Facebook page. He attached a screenshot of the answer to his post, which he supposedly received from the organizers of the exhibition at his request.

"Yes, in the presentation sent the minimum participation rates are indicated - 175 000. As a preference, your company can organize its own exposition at 50 square meters for the whole period of the exhibition (93 days) .We further agree on the details of participation (stand), sign a contract and you can start your installation works", - the reply says.

The entrepreneur was outraged at the cost.

"I wanted to participate in EXPO 2017 with my installations. I wanted to show foreigners that we can create something innovative too. Our project: vertical greenhouses, that are being built in the city of Karaganda, has passed a long way of discovery and error .This technology saves water and other types of energy, including human resources, but alas, we are not destined to take part at EXPO, the very EXPO, which is organized on our money. Where can I get extra 175.000 Euros for 50 square meters? I can find the money, but not as much to give for 50 square meters", - Toskanbayev wrote.

Some users supported the businessman.

"A similar story. In addition to the fact that we all "chipped in together" to fundon the EXPO, we still have to pay that kind of money to represent our country on our land", - the user Said Maksimov wrote in comments.

"We applied to EXPO too at the request of our manufacturers... We were told that we only need to pay for the logo ... And when the manufacturers contacted them themselves, it turned out that they also had to pay for the place", - commentator Asiya Kerey added.

However, there were those who declared that the project proposed by Tuskanbaev for EXPO was not new in practice and has long been known in the world.

"This technology has been developing for a long time", - a well-known economist Rustem Zhanseitov said. He cited a number of examples of successful projects similar to what Tuskanbaev wanted to present at the Astana exhibition. "Why do you think that people all over the world do not know what to do, but we can invent something from the scratch?"

It should be noted that Arman Tuskanbaev is known to the people of Kazakhstan primarily as a businessman who gave to the President Nursultan Nazarbayev the watches of domestic production produced at his enterprise.

Photo - Time.kz.

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