Astana policemen are worried about the idea of holding an open-air concert on the eve of EXPO

29 May

Anyone wishing to attend the Open Air concert in the capital city will be screened for piercing and cutting objects. This was stated by the head of the local police of Astana Bakytzhan Malybayev, informs.

"We will not let intoxicated people enter either. The buses that will take them to the regional offices will operate during the concert. About 40-50 thousand people are planned to attend the event. We will arrange three lines of security so that the people will not push towards the stage. The three zones will be separated by turnstiles. We have experience, last year we had a concert at the stadium near Astana Arena, there were about 40 thousand people there too. We worked with no complaints but four people lost consciousness in the crowd .With regard to past experience, we will divide people into three zones to avoid crowd crush", - Malybayev explained.

According to the employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of Astana, free entry might be another reason for a crowd crush that occurred during the concert of Kairat Nurtas in Almaty in 2013. At that time 90 people needed medical help and about 10 people appeared before the court in relation to which the verdicts were pronounced.

"It's clear that when the tickets are paid the mechanism is worked out there and here an unknown number of people really bothers me. This is one event on June 1 will be enough if something happens. The risks are high. I talked with the people of culture, they say that now there is no such events when everything is free, they sell tickets at least for one euro. The main thing is that the process should be manageable in order to know how many people will go there. If it the case at Nurtas's concert repeats, no triple reinforcement will help", - said the prosecutor of Astana Bolat Dembayev.

Let us remind that Open Air concert will take place on June 1 at 18.00 at the monument "Kazakh Yeli". Popular artists such as VIA Gra, MBand, Orda, Kairat Nurtas, Glukoza, Max Barskikh, MOT, Zhanar Dugalova, Aikyn, Ali Okapov and other well-known performers of the CIS countries will perform in front of residents and guests of the capital.

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