Nazarbayev's portraits did not save the shabby house of Astana resident near EXPO from demolition

16 May

The house of Astana resident Nesipkul Uyabayeva located near the territory of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 has been demolished. At the same time, the wall covered with portraits of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev was left untouched, reported.

Hoping to save her house from demolition Nesipkul Uyabayeva came up with an extraordinary idea. She printed a few dozen portraits of Nazarbayev and glued a whole wall with them. However, the attention of the public did not help the resident of Astana.

"An hour later when most journalists left, a bulldozer came and demolished the rooms of my house, while they did not touch the wall with Nazarbayev's portraits. The journalists asked what would happen to the portraits but the workers told them that it was none of their business", - Nesipkul Uyabayeva said.

Seven people lived in Nesypkul Uyabayeva's house. The owner of real estate was offered only 4.7 million tenge for the house. The woman refused to take money because she believes that she cannot buy another home for the money offered.

It should be noted that President Nazarbayev himself drew attention to the need to solve the problems of shabby houses at a meeting on preparations for the EXPO 2017 in Astana.

"It is necessary to intensify the work on the demolition of illegal buildings, the development of the existing 15,000 garden plots which should not be existing in accordance with the General Plan. It is necessary to free the central districts of the city from dilapidated houses", - the head of state said.

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