Ambassador of China in Kazakhstan is concerned about possible problems with visas for Chinese people on the eve of EXPO

24 May

The World Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 is not likely to be attended by all citizens of the People's Republic of China who wish to do so. This was reported by Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan Zhang Hanhui, informs.

As the diplomat shared, in addition to the official delegation to Kazakhstan, entrepreneurs from 24 provinces and cities are planning to come to show their developments in the field of "green" technologies.

"These are very large delegations, each consisting of 200-250 people. A very large number of well-known entrepreneurs. Each province will bring not only its products in the field of the use of new types of energy but also a cultural program and will show a distinct culture. I think the level of commitment of our people is really high", - Hanhui said.

According to the ambassador, one of the problems connected with the reception of Chinese visitors to EXPO, has not yet been fully resolved.

"The question is about representatives of the Kazakh side who will issue name invitations for each delegation. I had several groups, they were offered a mediator, and the mediator for each person's application requests 1500 yuan for each person's application (67,500 thousand tenge or 215 US dollars at the current rate - EXPO2017 .com website's note) only for registration of invitations. This does not include a visa. I am ready to speak to interested organizations from the Kazakh side on this issue. These are neither governmental officials, nor EXPO participants, nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials. It is about private individuals. There should be some kind of official invitation, preferably from an organization, to receive and formalize everything. Delegations from 24 provinces do not arrive at once immediately. They will take turns to arrive. The exhibits will change, there will be new products, materials from each province, new energy, and, of course, they are looking for partners not only from the Kazakh side but also from other countries", - the diplomat shared.

Hanhui said that the first delegation arrives to the opening of the exhibition. Market relations, the ambassador noted, certainly imply payment but do the mediators guarantee the successful receipt of visas.

"What about the exhibits? Since you have the Eurasian Economic Union customs, you need to discuss everything, there are specific rules for importation into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and export. It's not a product, it's not a commodity. It's just an exhibit for the EXPO. We will control the actions of Chinese organizations and companies. We will look at strict compliance with all the rules of legislation in the territory of Kazakhstan. There are certain difficulties. Many representatives will come to Kazakhstan for the first time", - the ambassador expressed his concern.

The website has already mentioned five reasons why the forthcoming Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition is of interest to the Chinese people. The main reasons include the upcoming concert of Dimash Kudaibergen who plunged China in a real "Dimashemania after his participation in the "I'm a singer" contest.

The exhibition of the legendary Terracotta Army will also take place within the framework of Astana EXPO 2017

Chinese pavilion itself will be fully completed by the end of May and will become one of the largest expositions of the exhibition. The main focus will be made on the achievements enabling to receive electricity and nuclear energy from water. Green cars of Chinese production will be demonstrated at the exhibition as well.

The delegation from China is expected to be the largest one at EXPO 2017. The Chinese exhibition pavilion will host the Xinjiang Week, "The Year of China's Tourism in Kazakhstan" and the National Day of China in Astana.

It is also known that the International Radio of China will provide information support to the EXPO.

It should be noted that earlier a Chinese citizen found himself at the center of a scandal in Kazakhstan when he was photographed climbing a monument to Kazakh biys (heroes). Social networks' users condemned the actions of the Chinese noting that a massive influx of tourists from China is expected during the world exhibition in Astana. Later it became known that the incident occurred on the territory of the People's Republic of China.

Another scandal is connected with the fact that according to the information of Kazakhstan's bloggers, millions of tenge are allocated from the budget of Kazakhstan to service Chinese citizens during the EXPO. Users note the fact that, while doing so, many Chinese people will visit the exhibition for free.

It became known in early May that China will receive two pavilions at the EXPO exhibition.

The guests of honor will include Chairman of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping who personally confirmed to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev his intention to visit the exhibition.

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