The updated list of top most visited EXPO pavilions is presented

30 June

Astana EXPO 2017 organizers presented an updated rating of the most visited pavilions of the world specialized exhibition, website reports. The leader in the number of visits is the pavilion of Russia.

The top three leaders also include Uzbekistan and India. The following are Azerbaijan and the Plaza of Africa. On the 6th and 7th places are Egypt and China. The top ten was closed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

"From June 19 to June 25, EXPO 2017 was visited by 168,675 people, that is an average of 24,096 people a day. In the first 9 days - 205,561 people or an average of 22,840 people a day. The total number of visitors from 10 to 25 June - 374,236 people, and 425,377 people as of June 27. The total number of people visited exhibition from June 10 to June 27 (the total number of visits to all objects of the exhibition) is 2,774,527," the organizers of EXPO said.

The most visited objects of the exhibition are also named, where the top 10 is headed by the pavilion of Kazakhstan "Nur Alem". The following are the commercial pavilions and the children's laboratory "Shell". Cirque du Soleil was the fourth most visited, and the fifth was the thematic pavilion C 3.5.

The second top five is headed by the Amphitheater, followed by a thematic pavilion C 2.4. The creative energy zone was on the 8th place, and on 9th - the corporate pavilion. The top ten is closed by children's park EXPO kids.

"178 incidents occurred on the security line, mostly it was the search for missing children. There have also been 146 requests for medical help, mainly overheating and fatigue, as well as exacerbations of chronic diseases," the organizers of the exhibition reported.

Let us remind, earlier the Chairman of the board of JSC "NC" "Astana Expo 2017" Akhmetzhan Yessimov had informed that the number of visits to the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 had exceeded two million in just two weeks.

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