Latvia presented the approved concept of its EXPO pavilion

28 April

The pavilion of Latvia will occupy 365 square meters and will be located on two floors, the newspaper "Liter" writes. The main theme of the exposition is "Energy is in our nature".

At the exhibition Latvia will be presented as one of the greenest countries in the world linking East and West and representing a wide range of opportunities for cooperation. The first floor of the pavilion will be divided into thematic zones, made in the shape of cut pieces of amber - the symbols of Latvia. Conference halls and places for negotiations will be on the second floor.

Latvia will demonstrate the latest technologies, creative and interactive solutions. Multimedia objects with the help of VR glasses manufactured by Samsung Electronics Baltics will take guests of the pavilion to Riga. One of the key exhibits of the Latvian pavilion will be a model of the hydrogen locomotive. It will be presented by Latvian Railway concern which developed the installation specifically for this exhibition. The model is a hydrogen-electric locomotive and is an environmentally friendly transport. The designers managed to eliminate all harmful emissions created by the engine. The transition to hydrogen marks the beginning of a new technological era in the transport segment.

Let us remind that the construction of the Latvian pavilion for the EXPO exhibition began in mid-April. Work is carried out by Kazakhstan enterprises. It is known that the main trick of the Latvian pavilion will be represented with "amber stones" 3, 4 and 5 meters high with the beauty of Latvia shown inside it in 3D format.

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