Papuans who arrived at EXPO appreciated Kazakh national cuisine

5 July

National dishes ofKazakh cuisine were givento the delegates from Papua New Guinea. They came to Kazakhstan toparticipate in the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, the website reports. The company, which organized atraditional dastarkhan for the guests, published a video on the YouTube portal.

"Theyare delegates who came to Astana to work at EXPO. We saw in the newsthat they are walking around the city. We are engaged in catering anddecided to invite them to treat them with national cuisine. Still,EXPO is a futuristic city, and we wanted to show them our origins andculture to foreigners. We chose the ethnic village, there is arestaurant there. We gave them koumiss, shubat, kurt, kazy, kuyrdak,sorpa", - said the representative of Royal Catering.

Foreign guestsstroked the golden eagles, tried themselves in archery and spokeabout the unusual taste of the traditional koumiss drink.

"Tastes a bitlike alcohol and a bit like milk. If we lived in an environment likethis and there would not be Coke, we would drink koumiss", -said one of the guests.

Let us remind thatthe sector "Restaurants of traditional Kazakh and Easterncuisine" is made in the form of a large dome where speciallyinvited chefs prepare Kazakh dishes according to traditional recipesunder the constant supervision of specialists. 

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