Smart technologies applied at the EXPO to be used throughout Astana

4 May

Smart Grid project is being realized at the territory of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Thanks to the startup, surplus renewable energy can be directed to supply the city or, with its deficit, provide electricity to the exhibition pavilions, reports. According to Vladimir Sobolev, managing director of the department of new technologies and IT of JSC "NC "Astana EXPO-2017", 50 electric transformers and five distribution substations will be under the control of this project fduring the EXPO.

"We install several sources of energy on the territory of the exhibition - hydro and solar panels. All these elements are integrated into the Smart Grid network which results in the following: for example, it is windy and sunny - renewable energy sources produce enough electricity for domestic consumption at the exhibition facilities and part of the electricity can be sold to the city general network. But if the wind stops or the sun is closed with clouds, electricity production is sharply reduced and at some moment we change the role of the supplier to the consumer. Of course, old power distribution system could not allow such a system to work", - Vladimir Sobolev said.

In the nearest future this system will cover all power grids of the capital. The technology is more reliable and reduces the level of CO2 emissions.

"At the moment we can confidently say that the project is in the stage of launch and after the exhibition the system will be put into operation by the city structures. In future, this control center will become a single center for managing the energy systems for the entire left bank of Astana and the whole city aftwerwards. (...) In addition, the Smart Grid network allows us to forecast potential problems, that is, we know that we have, for example, the network overload in this place which can lead to a emergency situation. Now that we know the history completely, not only the current and voltage but also a number of other technological parameters, we can analyze the situation and reconfigure the network in advance to avoid an emergency in the future. Thus, the reliability of the network as a whole increases. Plus, since this is a digital network, switching is very quick in case of an emergency and thus at the end we are getting a number of economic effects", - Sobolev added.

Moreover, the system is able to identify emergency parts of the network and automatically change the configuration. This reduces the risk of error of the operating personnel to the minimum.

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