The natural gas is called the connecting link in the transition to the "green" economy

7 July

The reserves of natural gas on the planet remained for approximately 120 years. The issues of its extraction and storage cause controversy among scientists around the world, the publication wrote in its material on the prospects of implementing the idea of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 "Future Energy".

The technology for extracting and storing natural gas at all stages of the fossil energy chain can help both to achieve large-scale reduction in CO2 emissions and to cause an increase in methane emissions.

At the same time, according to the director of the international gas union Rafael Uart, the extraction of natural gas directly affects not only access to energy but also concerns health issues, the development of the industrial sector, socio-economic development and even the fight against poverty. Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. It does not produce solid pollutants. This provides flexibility, the ability to connect and shut off gas supply to key power generation facilities.

In this case, according to the scientist from Britain Scott Wahxton, only renewable energy sources, in particular hydropower, can compete with any of the traditional forms of energy today. Otherwise, he said, "the entire human system of existence will collapse by 2030". At the same time, the scientist notes, one should not forget that the same hydropower industry does not always favorably affect agriculture and solar and wind energy can not be applied everywhere and everywhere.

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