The call of Astana authorities to smile on the threshold of EXPO was continued - the Akimat has announced a contest

17 May

The call of akim of Astana Asset Issekeshev on the citizens on the threshold of EXPO to smile to each other was continued. As part of the project Smile Astana, from May 17 to June 2, a "A Happy Face, a Beautiful Smile” competition for the best photo or sketch-idea will be held for the first time in Astana. This was reported in the press service of akim of the city.

"The contest is aimed at creating an image of kind and smiling, sympathetic and friendly people, organization of an act of kindness and positive development .The project is aimed at inculcating cultural skills among residents and visitors of the capital, and forming a new cultural trend on the threshold of the international specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana", was told in the Akimat.

The contest is organised by the Department of internal policy of Astana. The competition is held in one step on the Internet.

"The main criteria to the photo or sketch-idea of the participants is that they have to meet several conditions, namely, the image in the photo or sketch-idea must express the image of the kind and smiling, sympathetic and friendly people of the capital. Also picture must necessarily be made in the capital or sketch idea to display the image of the capital, the key facilities. Photo or sketch-idea must be accompanied by the hashtag #aқzharқynastana and #smileastana. In addition, it is allowed to place an actual or author’s quotations on a photo or sketch-idea with the call to support the formation of high culture skills among residents and visitors (this item is not mandatory for execution),” reported in the press-service.

The contest is open to all wishing residents and guests of the capital, with access to online resources and social networks.

"Those wishing to compete only need to post in a social network your picture or sketch-idea with mandatory reflection hashtags #aқzharқynastana and #smileastana. The jury will select the best work on the subject and put it to a public vote to determine the winner. The best sketch idea or the photo of the winner will be placed on advertising constructions, LED-screens of the capital, as well as on the official website of Akimat of Astana and in social networks. In the future the sketch-idea or a photo of the winner will be used when designing the brand books and holding the metropolitan events,” the organizers promised.

Let us remind, in early May, akim of the capital of Kazakhstan Asset Issekeshev proposed to launch Smile Astana project and make a set of rules for the residents of Astana. The mayor called on the townspeople to smile at each other, at people around, help the elderly, offer the elderly and pregnant go first in a queue and be polite.

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