The missing security chief of EXPO objects is being looked for with the help of psychic mediums

9 May

Psychic mediums help in the search for the missing Berik Kusainov, who worked as the head of security at the site of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Informational portal informs.

The wife of the missing Dan Kabdykeshev reached out to psychic mediums for help. In her opinion, the search works are not carried out in full.

"The search is in process. Also the divers are working. But they dive only in the places they are pointed out to. They do not serach in the whole river. There are a lot of water bodies, the river is huge. Of course I would like the specialists to examine the whole river", - Dana Kabdykesheva told.

The relatives of Berik Kusainov believe that the details of what happened can be revealed by the friends of the missing, who were the last to see him.

"Everyone agrees on the same thought: friends are aware of what had happened, they know where Berik is now. Some psychics say he's alive, others - he was pushed into the river. Some told us that he was being hidden", - the wife of the missing man noted.

Let us remind that Berik Kusainov left on April, 22 at about seven o'clock in the evening to go fishing with friends in the direction of the village of Sabyndy on the Kurgaldzhyn highway but did not return.

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