Russia plans to present a perfect battery at EXPO

2 May

New details appeared on the Russian Federation exposition at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. In particular, the Russians are planning to present an advanced means of energy conservation - a perfect battery. This is  reported by "Yakutia - the image of the future” portal with the reference to the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Georgy Kalamanov.

"In addition to conducting serious professional conferences, interesting to a narrow circle of specialists, the organizers of the Russian pavilion promise a wide range of popular scientific events, the topics of which will be of interest even to schoolchildren. One of such themes, that today stirs the conscience of not only serious scientists, but also futurists and science fiction writers is the energy of the person. Whereas the storage of energy and creation of so-called perfect battery, declared as a leitmotif of the eighth week, has much more relation to applied research and the needs of modern industry, such as automotive,” report says.

The Russian minister noted that energy storage is one of the most urgent topics, especially given the growing popularity of electric vehicles, which are known for huge amounts of energy loss.

“In due time the sizes of a battery were actively discussed. I remember very vividly how ten years ago, when we visited the Renault factory in France, we were shown the first electric car in which all the luggage was occupied by the battery.The automotive industry is now working to solve this problem. In addition, the problem of energy storage is relevant for smartphone manufacturers. Finally, in order to fly a manned mission to Mars, breakthrough technologies in this area are needed, and there is a huge number of young researchers in this area, who we hope to invite to Astana EXPO " Kalamanov promised.

Earlier, it was reported that in the days of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 Russia plans to show visitors the diversity of its culture. Cultural and educational activities that reveal the richness of the Russian Federation will be organized, and on September 8 at the site of the exhibition is scheduled the Day of Russia. The exposition of the Russian Federation at EXPO will be one of the largest, and among the announced projects and developments from Skolkovo - is the Russian counterpart of the famous American Silicon Valley.

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