Pavlodar authorities connect the solution of public transport problems with the holding of the EXPO

5 May

The residents of Pavlodar complain about the work of public transport. People are outraged by the chaotic schedule of city buses routes, the portal reports. According to the teacher of school #37 Gaukhar Iskakova, crowded buses of route 55 go around the city because of illogical schedule.

"Every day I go to work and wait for the bus for half an hour. The children and teachers are late for school and all because of the irregular schedule. The buses are constantly full, a large flow of passengers come from the clinic #4. Meanwhile, minibuses №3 , №7, №003 pass by half-empty", - said Gaukhar Iskakova.

Residents of the city repeatedly appealed to the akimat with requests to revise the schedule and interval of bus traffic but the situation has not changed yet. According to Marat Asylbekova, the head of the transport sector of the city's housing and utilities sector, there are not enough funds to buy new buses.

"Pavlodar residents complain, they require big buses but for the time being we simply do not have them. Last year our investor bought 36 buses on credit without calculating his own financial resources. As a result, he could not pay and refused the transport. At the moment no one else can replace the 55th route, private traders do not work because of unprofitableness of this route. We have given permission to temporarily start old small buses on this route until we purchase another transport. Today 55th route is serviced by eight buses", - Asylbekov said.

At the same time, due to the holding of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, the capital city authorities buy new transport. Old buses, still suitable for operation, according to Asylbekov, will be bought by the akimat of Pavlodar.

Let us remind that after the criticism of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at a meeting on the preparations for the EXPO 2017, one of the bus parks of Astana is being privatized. The head of state spoke about the ill-considered purchase of 380 buses. Nazarbayev stressed that Astana should be different from all cities in the world by efficient traffic.

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