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The most effective lifehacks for EXPO visitors

16 June

The Kazakhstan portal "Davai skhodim" published a list of useful tips for visitors to the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. In total, the article "Lifehacks for the EXPO visitor" collected 14 tips that will make visiting the exhibition as effective as possible.

"The ticket can be bought on the official website, at the ticket offices of large shopping centers, at the entrance to the territory of the EXPO. The ticket with a fixed date for a weekday costs 4000 tenge, at the weekend - 6000. The ticket with an open date will be 2,000 tenge more expensive, and later it should be be exchanged for a ticket with a fixed date", - the material said.

As for benefit tickets, they can be bought only at the entrance to the EXPO and they are valid only for the day of purchase.

"A 100% discount is provided for participants of the Second World War, invalids of all groups, orphans and children under 6. A 50% discount is gievn to schoolchildren, students, pensioners, mothers with many children and families", - the authors write.

Unlimited tickets at a price of KZT 50,000 and for beneficiaries - KZT 25,000 are provided for multiple visits to the exhibition.

"You can enter the exhibition site from 4 sides: from the streets of Ryskulov, Mangilik el, Uly dala and Kabanbai batyr. There are cash desks at every entrance", - the article says.

The authors remind that it is necessary to take along documents proving your identity and granting the rights to benefits - birth certificate, student card and so on.

It is recommended to navigate around the pavilions with the help of maps and volunteers.

"You can charge the phone from the north-east side - from the streets Mangilik el and Uly dala", - the authors of the material suggest.

The article notes that buying a ticket for concerts of the Bi-2 and Mumiy Troll bands, 30 Seconds to Mars, Black Star Party, Egor Kreed and Polina Gagarina, Limp Bizkit, Eros Ramazotti you get a ticket for the exhibition on a weekday with open date.

"If you are traveling from another city by train, it is more profitable to buy a ticket for EXPO along with a ticket to Astana (if it is not cheaper than 2000 tenge), then a ticket for EXPO for a fixed date on a weekday will cost 2400 tenge, and on an open date - 3500 tenge on a weekday and 4,600 tenge on a day off. Tulpar-Talgo train passengers can benefit from discount cards that give a 15% discount on tickets until the end of 2017 and 1 free ticket for EXPO as a gift. The card costs 9,999 tenge and is sold at the train stations cash desks", - the article says.

The website focuses on the fact that you will have to spend a whole day to have time to see all the pavilions, see the parade, go to a concert or presentation. Officially, the exhibition runs from 9:00 to 1:00 but in fact many pavilions close around 21:00.

"In order not to get stuck in the traffic jam on the way to the exhibition, leave the car in one of the 14 parking lots around the city and transfer to the Shuttle Bus that will take you as quickly as possible to the territory of the EXPO. The parking spaces are located in crowded places - the capital circus, The Palace of Schoolchildren, Astana Arena stadium, Barys Arena, Duman Center, the city park, Palace of Peace and Harmony, along Mangilik Avenue and Turan Avenue, Music Hall restaurant, Alatau Sports Complex, 31- I street, Khan-shatyr shopping and entertainment center. The shuttle bus costs 150 tenge, buses run from 6:50 to 23:46. One transport novelty for the EXPO is an electric vehicle that can be charged in just 8 minutes and can travel on one charge of 70 kilometers. Two electric buses will run on the Baiterek-EXPO site-Green Quarter route and the trip will be free of charge", - the authors write.

As noted in the material, you can eat on the territory of EXPO in three ways. Lunch can be quite expensive in specialized institutions, cheaper meals are available at national cafes in pavilions or sandwiches in street stalls.

Let us remind that earlier the website already published lifehacks about what you need to know when visiting EXPO as well as about how much it costs to have lunch at the exhibition and where you can have a snack for free when you visit the exhibition complex.

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