The fees of Limp Bizkit and a number of other stars' performances at EXPO became known

2 June

The price for the performance of musicians of Limp Bizkit group is approximately 260,000 euros (90,134,438 tenge). "Caravan" newspaper wrote about the fees of the artists who come to the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017.

It should be noted that Limp Bizkit performed earlier in Kazakhstan. Two years ago the band gave a concert in Almaty.

The Italian singer and composer Eros Ramazotti will come to the capital during the world exhibition. He released 11 studio albums, which sold more than 100 million copies. According to the publication, the fee of Eros Ramazotti starts from 550 000 euros (190 669 005 tenge).

The representatives of the Black Star label will also give a grand concert in Astana. Their arrival in the capital of Kazakhstan can cost a bundle. MOT asks for his presentation 25 000 euros (8 666 772 tenge), Kristina Si - from 8 000 euros (2 773 367 tenge), L`one - from 20 000 euros (6 933 418 tenge), and Timati - 60 000 euros (20 800 255 tenge).

Another resident of the label Yegor Creed will perform together with the finalist of the Eurovision song contest Polina Gagarina. His entrance will cost 42 000 euros (14 560 178 tenge). While Polina Gagarina asks only 28 000 euros (9 706 785 tenge). At the same time, before participating in the Eurovision song contes her fee was approximately 9,000 euros.

Rock bands from Russia also demand high fees. The price for a Bi-2 concert starts from 50,000 euros (17,333,545 tenge), and Mumiy Troll ask from 65,000 euros (22,533,638 tenge).

Let us remind that on May 17 it became known that during the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana there will be concerts of rock stars 30 Seconds To Mars with their leader Jared Leto and Limp Bizkit. This became known from the presentation document with a list of cultural and entertainment events of the exhibition. Tickets for the concert of a number of stars are already on sale.

The forthcoming world specialized exhibition will be held in Astana for three months and the organizers promise a magnificent show program that covers the entire period of the EXPO 2017. Earlier, the website published the schedule of the main points of the cultural program and events of the exhibition with the participation of top celebrities.

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