The walls of Finland pavilion at EXPO will be covered with real moss

9 June

The walls were covered with moss for air cleaning in the pavilion of Finland at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Designer Kiv Sovoto told about the interior features of the exhibition area, transmits the information portal

"The pavilion itself is a research pavilion but there are cultural projects in it. We will tell the history of Finland and society. Our pavilion will consist of five buildings separated with an open area. This is the space that unites the digital and natural worlds. You will hear sounds - both digital and natural, and light effects will be used in this area", - said Kiv Sovoto.

Four main halls will be presented to the visitors of the pavilion. The first one under the name "Clean Energy" will introduce guests to environmentally friendly methods used in the production of energy and construction of buildings.

"The second hall is called" Smart energy reuse". We call it a smart building where people will see how to use the energy wisely and move it from one place to another and use it again. The third building is called "Pure Water". In Finland we drink tap water and it is much cleaner than the water that is being sold. Thus, in this building we will talk about a common complex idea, the main point of which is that for pure water we need not only technologies but also appropriate legislation, practice and culture as well. The fourth hall is called "Education". We will talk about the education system in Finland. We believe this topic is the most important because technology only will not save the world. We will help change the behavior of people in this sector", - said Sovoto.

Let us remind that an extensive delegation of representatives of the KFEIG consortium will take part in the work of the Finnish pavilion of the international exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. It includes the four largest technical universities in Finland - Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Hämeenlinna University of Applied Sciences, Tampere Adult Education Center and Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

In addition, Jolupukki - the Finnish Santa Claus - will come to the exhibition in Astana from Lapland from July 18 to August 11. Despite the fact that the fairy-tale character traditionally leaves his home only on Christmas holidays, Finnish Santa Claus decided to make an exception for the guests of Astana EXPO 2017. Finland also decided to reproduce the effect of the Northern Lights in its pavilion as well as to demonstrate their advanced developments in the field of agrotechnology, to present an alternative to air conditioners for apartments and tell about the methods of ecological wooden houses construction.

After the exhibition Finland will take part in the creation of IT startups park based on the facilities of EXPO 2017.

Sketches of the Finnish exhibition pavilion were previously published on the internet.

It is expected that the President of Finland Sauli Niiniste will also be among the honorable guests of the Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition.

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