Muay Thai boxing show, Thai dishes and massage - Thailand's EXPO pavilion has been presented

30 May

The presentation of the national pavilion of Thailand for the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 was held in Bangkok. The concept of the Thai exposition is called "Bioenergy for all", The Nation edition reports.

The presentation was attended by the heads of state authorities of Thailand, the largest companies of the country, representatives of leading Thai media, as well as Kazakhstani diplomats.The Ministry of Energy of the Kingdom is responsible for the participation in EXPO 2017.

"Thailand has the potential to develop bioenergy, because we are a large nation with an abundance of agricultural products. In order to show the world our potential, the ministry will share information, knowledge and understanding of bioenergy, and talk about the relationship between agriculture and energy development," said the Minister of Energy of the Kingdom of Thailand, Anantaporn Kanjanarat.

The Minister noted that progress in this area had been made possible largely thanks to the late King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is called the father of Thai energy, as he developed many energy-related projects.

"Today, the Ministry of Energy is pursuing a policy of supporting innovation, as well as research and development works, related to the development of energy for the further development of the Thai energy industry. This exhibition will also offer us the opportunity to promote Thailand's tourism industry and food production capacities that are recognized as the world cuisine, as well as to strengthen relations with the countries of the world, especially with Kazakhstan and the CIS countries,” Kanjanarat said.

He said that Thailand will present at the exhibition the royal projects initiated by His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, on the development of alternative energy, so that they become known to the whole world.

"The exhibition corresponds to the intentions of the Government of Thailand, announced at the climate conference in Paris in 2015 - to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by the year 2030, with priority in the development of alternative energy," the minister stressed.

The edition notes that the economy of Kazakhstan is not yet considered diversified, since its revenues are largely dependent on energy exports. Meanwhile, its agricultural economy remains small, The Nation writes, and production is not enough for domestic consumption.

"Therefore, it is necessary to import vast quantities of food and agricultural products. This is an excellent opportunity for Thailand, which has a huge amount of food and agricultural products, to export their goods to Kazakhstan, including halal products, since about half of the population are Muslims," edition reports.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy of Thailand - the Kingdom's Commissioner for EXPO 2017 Areepong Bhoocha-Oom presented the country’s participation program during the presentation.

“Thailand’s pavilion aims to provide visitors with information about the energy sustainable future and Thailand’s potential for alternative energy development and make progress in the development of bioenergy," Areepong said.

Mr.Areepong said that the pavilion with an area of 974.67 square meters will be divided into two floors, and the exposition will be placed in three halls.

"The first hall will feature a live exhibition of the Thai lifestyle, unique natural resources and culture of the country, as well as demonstrate the commitment of the Thai people to the development of alternative energy. The second room will house the 3D theatre - a testing laboratory will be presented, and visitors will be told about the use of corn as future source of energy. In the third hall will be presented an interactive exhibition on how to get bioenergy from nine biomass cultures,” said the Commissioner of Thai EXPO pavilion.

The second floor of the pavilion will host a reception area for VIP guests, food kiosks, cafes, a meeting area and investment clinics, as well as Thai massage demonstration zone. In addition, visitors will be able to watch boxing matches of Muay Thai fighters.

According to Areepong, the construction of the Thai pavilion is completed by 90% and only the interior needs additional work. He expressed confidence that Thailand will be among the first 10 states to complete the design of their pavilion by the deadlines set by the organizers of the exhibition. According to the forecasts of Thai authorities, the pavilion of Thailand at EXPO will be visited by more than half a million guests.

"The pavilion will be fully ready for testing in early June, and by June 10 it will be completely ready to receive guests.The communication service of the pavilion received good reviews in Kazakhstan, through various road shows for residents of the two largest cities of the country - Astana and Almaty,” The Nation sums up.

Let us remind, in early March, website has already revealed some details of the concept of the Thai pavilion of the exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. In particular, it was then learned that Thailand intended to create one of the most visited pavilions of the exhibition.

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