Ukraine will tell EXPO about growing energy plants

29 May

A new trend in the field of renewable energy will be presented by Ukraine at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. A special sort of energy plants is grown not far from Kiev, the channel "Khabar 24" broadcasts.

The energy willow makes it possible to obtain biofuel which is an ideal alternative to gas in all parameters. 500 hectares of land have ben allocated for the cultivation of plants in the fields located near Kiev.

"It is usually a river floodplain that can not be used as energy facilities due to inconvenient landscape. Neither they can be used for agriculture but they can be used for alternative energy agriculture. The quality of the soil is not a factor for it. There is no need for any special treatment or cultivation of the soil", - said the founder of the group of companies" Ukrteplo "Ivan Nadein.

Ukrainians are increasingly giving preference to alternative energy sources because of high gas prices. According to experts, the demand for new fuel is growing. An important advantage of the energy willow is unpretentiousness. This plant can be grown almost everywhere.

"The calorific value of willow is very close to pine, its main advantage is that it is a rapidly growing plant. Therefore it is called and refers to as renewable energy sources, it is quickly restored, faster than any other crops. The cyclicity of production is three years. Thus we harvest every three years. The life of the whole plantation is 20-25 years, that is, 7-8 good harvests are given by the plantation of willow", - said Sevastyan Trushevsky, development director of Ukragroenergo.

Earlier, Ukrainian businessmen held a meeting in Kiev on participation in the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Ukraine offers its businessmen six options for participation in the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 and the most inexpensive way can cost $100. Charge d'affaires of Ukraine in Kazakhstan Vladimir Dzhidzhora during a press conference in Astana said that Ukraine is preparing a special surprise for President Nursultan Nazarbayev during the EXPO 2017.

Ukraine plans to present the concept of creating a solar power plant in Chernobyl among the main projects to be shown at the exhibition.

According to experts, during the EXPO Ukrainians have the priority of holding events that contribute to the expansion of cooperation between Ukraine and business circles from around the world.

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