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The final version of the cultural and entertainment program for EXPO guests has been confirmed

4 May

A final list of cultural events that will be held during the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 has been published. This is reported by Today.kz with the reference to the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of the capital of Kazakhstan.

"The plan of events was drawn up jointly with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the national company “Astana Expo2017” and the metropolitan Akimat. Thus, from June to mid-September, 647 events will be organized in the capital. These events will be held in various formats: folk festivals, cultural and entertainment events , family-leisure, festivals, exhibitions, theatrical and circus productions,” the edition reports.

During EXPO the official opening and closing ceremonies, for all comers the events will be broadcast live in three districts of the city - large LED screens will be installed on the square near the “Baiterek" monument, in the city square and in “Studenchesky” park.

"One of the most interesting events will be the holding of the KVN International Summer Cup in Astana with the participation of Alexander Maslyakov. The Champions of the Major League - the “Asia Mix” team, “Kamyzyaki” team, “Pyatigorsk” will come to participate and the “Kazakhs” team will also go on stage. The event will be broadcasted on the air of "First Channel." Guests and residents of the capital will also be able to see the Chinese show “Kungfu revelations”, where martial artists will present a spectacular performance.This show was the hallmark of EXPO 2010 in Shanghai and enjoys huge popularity in the world,” the report says.

In the Ice Palace "Barys Arena" the Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko will perform along with other figure skating stars.

"It is planned to hold the international music festival “Astana Daussy" with the presentation of awards for the contribution to the musical art development with the participation of popular performers of Kazakhstan and foreign stars. In the capital in “Stolichny”, “Studenchesky”, “Zheruyik” and “Arai" parks all three months will be held an event called "The seven wonders of the park." Seven thematic programs were developed, involving characters from the Kazakh fairy tales, "Frozen” cartoon, “Spider-Man” and other superheroes, as well as Disney characters and the robots. The show will be held twice a day,” reported in the Akimat.

In total, more than a thousand recreational activities for children and adults will be held in parks.

“Water-Green Boulevard will be transformed into an open-air exhibition hall. The III International Festival Astana Art Fest will take place at the site. This year, among the contenders are the artists, designers, architects, musicians and filmmakers from nine countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Armenia, Ukraine, Germany, and others. The works will be exhibited on the boulevard from June 1, and the beginning of the festival is scheduled for July 10. Visitors expecting a rich program featuring entertainers, street theatres, that gain popularity around the world, as well as live performances, exhibitions, music and dance shows,” reported in the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation.

In addition, a separate space for lectures and master classes on contemporary art, architecture and design will be opened.

"A concert of traditional Kazakh music "Astanaga tartu” will be organized for residents and visitors of the city. The audience will see the wealth of Kazakh folklore performed by representatives of four schools of traditional songs: “Zhetysu”, “Arka", “Syr” and “Batys". Festival of orchestras of folk instruments "Serper" with the sound of Kazakh national instruments and the Festival of Brass Bands "Astana Samaly", which includes the performance of works of classical, sacred, jazz, folk and pop music,” report says.

The best theatre groups of Kazakhstan and foreign countries of Azerbaijan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan will come to the traditional for Astana week of the theatre and the annual festival "Sahnadan Salem”.

"Cultural events are also planned in nine suburban residential areas. For the residents of the Prigorodny, International, Michurino, Kuigenzhar, Ondiris, Zheleznodorozhny, Urker, Koktal and Industrial villages every weekend will be organized the concerts of "Dumandy Saryarқa” with the participation of Kazakhstan artists and creative collectives of Astana. Traditionally, in the framework of celebrating the Day of the capital in Astana, there will be concerts of "Muzart" and “Dervishes" bands, as well as creative evenings of Seken Turisbek and Altynbek Korazbayev,” Media reports.

Tickets for all concerts will be sold at the city ticket offices, as well as on  www.koncertyastany.kz. website.

"About 70 percent of entertainment programs and concerts will be held in open areas.The national professional music award “Astana Zhuldyzy” will be held in Astana in the coming summer. All celebrities of the Kazakh stage will participate in the award ceremony, and will be named the "Best Performer of the Year,” report says.

On June 23 and 24, a festival of contemporary ethnic music "The Spirit of Astana" will take place on the square near the “Baiterek" monument. 14 musical collectives from Africa, USA, Macedonia, Georgia, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bashkortostan, Buryatia and Tuva will get on stage.

On July 15 the famous Festival Song Contest “San Remo stars in Astana” will be opened in Astana with the participation of famous singers from Italy.

"In the list of events for families is the X International Festival of Circus Art "Echo of Asia", which gathers tens of thousands of spectators of different ages. Young people will find interesting the events such as electronic music festival "Energy Party” and the street dance festival "International Street dance Session in Astana”. From June 30 to September 2, every weekend on the square near the “Baiterek" monument, in the city square and in “Studenchesky” park, in disco format "Esil keshteri” concerts will be held in the open air,” was told in Akimat of Astana.

In addition, the first festival of gamers - Astana Game Fest will be held in the capital of Kazakhstan.

"Within the framework of the festival will be held international computer games competitions, presentations of new games, master classes in robotics, drone show and much more," the organizers specified.

World exhibition visitors will also see the sports shows.

"Since mid-May, Sunday training sessions of Astana Fitness Park will be held in three parks of the city - Stolichny, Zheruyik and Studenchesky. The event will be attended by professional trainers in such popular sports destinations as crossfit, yoga, zumba and others. On June 25 for the third time in Astana will be held the city duathlon tournament. All those who are over 18 years of age will be invited to participate in the competition,” the portal writes.

Detailed information with the schedule of all events during EXPO in Astana will be posted on www.astanaday.kz. website.

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