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Uzbekistan was caught in embezzelment of authorship of other people's developments at the EXPO

19 June

At the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana Uzbekistan introduced a single "smart house" equipped with solar panels, cooling, heating and fire fighting systems. It turned out that the technology has long been produced in China, the Uzbek portal Centre1.com writes.

Similar houses of the future Chinese manufacturer Peng Heng Capsule Hotel Equipment Co. Ltd has been producing for several years. Their cost varies from 820 to 2200 dollars. You can order the technology on the company's website, it will be delivered to almost any country in the world within two weeks.

Let us note that the author of the "Uzbek development", presented in Astana has not been named in the media. On top of that, Uzexpocenter's website does not say anything about the capsule when describing the national pavilion.

According to Uzbek media, one more exhibit - the "bionic hand" - casts doubt.

"As the creators assure, remote-controlled robot arm repeats 100% of the movements of the human hand", - Gazeta.uz writes.

At the same time, the publication tells about the development of the French designer Gael Langevin, which is a robot hand Inmoov.

Let us remind that in addition to the above-mentioned autonomous housing capsule and bionic hand, Uzbekistan presented to the EXPO a bio-vehicle that moves on solar batteries. The developers claim that the vehicle's charger will last for 700 kilometers.

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