In the Akimat of Astana was promised to liquidate all fake apartments rental ads prior to EXPO

30 May

All announcements about the daily apartments rental in Astana will be thoroughly checked for reliability, said the deputy director of  “Astana Convention Bureau” LLP Askar Adambekov. A special website has been launched in Kazakhstan within the framework of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017, synchronized with such well-known world systems as and Airbnb that minimizes the risks for tourists to purchase a "pig in a poke,” reported in the press service of akim of Astana.

"If you open the main websites where the ads are published, for instance, Krisha, OLX, the number of ads about daily apartments rental is about 20-30 thousand. We were wondering: why so many? But in fact there is evidence that there are only three thousand apartments in Astana available for rent on a daily basis. The situation is that up to ten realtors can offer the same apartment,” Adambekov explained.

In such announcements, according to the authorities, often being published the  photos that are not true, and the prices offered are contrary to market prices, he added.

"In essence, the customer chooses one thing, and gets another. To avoid this, the Apartment Owners Association with the support of our company has created the website," said the deputy director of “Astana Convention Bureau”.

As assured in the Akimat, the main difference of the new portal is that there are no fake ads about the apartments rental. All the photos that are posted on the portal correspond to reality, all announcements indicate real prices, and the occupied apartments are not reflected on the website.

"So, the website shows only free housing. The client through the portal chooses  the apartment, the location area and book it according to the photos he likes. And only after that, as a person has placed the reservation, the realtor receives the alert. That is, realtors will no longer bother them on different issues and offer their additional services,”Adambekov assured.

According to the press service, all ads on the apartments rental are being thoroughly checked if it’s "fake", and as they are detected, are being removed or blocked.

"Together with the Association's employees we monitor so that any “fake" apartments ads will not appear on the website. With the application, we confirm the apartment and make sure that the ad is real. Therefore, we will offer and recommend to EXPO visitors to use this website directly, in order to avoid being deceived,” summed up the representative of "Astana Convention Bureau.”

Let us remind, for the first time, the problem of fake ads was announced in “Astana Convention Bureau” in early May, telling how the authorities of the capital of Kazakhstan plan to host 2 million visitors who will come to EXPO 2017. In particular, Astana guests can book a room or an apartment directly from the airport or train station. A special service is provided at the tourist information kiosks.

Earlier in Astana, the hotel requirements for the reception of EXPO 2017 guests have been developed. The new standards reflect various aspects of the work of hostels. For instance, the placement of a sign, the presence of flashlights in case of a power outage, a safe for storing tourist documents, a place for cleaning equipment and detergents, and so on.

It should be noted that the price policy of Astana hotels on the threshold of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 has been severely criticized by officials from the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The remarks were made during the meeting on standardization of tourism and hospitality industry.

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