Akimat of Astana told about the situation with catching stray animals on the eve of EXPO

19 May

Representatives of the Astana akimat held a briefing on the situation with domestic animals and the capture of stray dogs and cats in the capital of Kazakhstan. As the head of the Astana Department of Agriculture Ardak Dosanov has told, it is not about catching stray dogs right before the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017, the news portal reports.

"We did not receive any orders to catch all the stray animals on the eve of EXPO. We just do our work. There is a veterinarian law that allows us to catch neglected animals. At the moment we requested money to buy additional cages. In the future these cages will be transferred to a new kennel that will be built either at the expense of the budget or at the expense of sponsors", - Dosanov explained.

As the publication says, according to the new edition of the rules of keeping and walking dogs and cats, the captured animals will be kept for at least 60 calendar days whereas the current rules stipulate only three days.

It is planned that the kennels for stray dogs will be opened in 2018.

"We have submitted proposals for clarifying the budget for allocating funds for sterilization as one of the mechanisms for controlling the number of animals and organizing state kennels. We hope that the kennels will appear in 2018. Thus, they will be sterilized for the sake of humanization. Only sick and infected animals that cannot be treated will be killed. At the first stage animals will be kept within 60 days and in the future no animal that can live after the treatment will be killed", - explained the head of the department of agriculture of Astana.

During the briefing it became known that the rules for keeping and walking dogs and cats in Astana were amended. Now only to those residents of the capital who turned 21 years old will be able to have fighting dogs.

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