EXPO guests will be greeted by giant smileys in Astana

22 June

Astana city will be adorned with eight giant smileys prior the City Day, website reports with reference to the press service of akim of the Kazakh capital. As noted in Akimat, smileys will encourage residents of the city to smile and be more friendly.

"To the City Day and within the Smile Astana project, eight huge smileys will appear in different parts of the city. Citizens and guests of the city will be able to take a photo on the background of the new sights, expressing their positive emotions," Yerlan Kanalimov, head of Internal Policy Department of Akimat of Astana.

According to Mr.Kanalimov, this project is being implemented in the capital in order to demonstrate the friendly attitude of Astana residents to all guests coming to the capital of Kazakhstan. At the same time, the image of responsive and friendly people is being formed.

"The flow of visitors to Astana has increased significantly during EXPO. Naturally, guests are pleased when the residents of the capital meet them with a smile, prompt and help, showing our Kazakh hospitality," the representative of Akimat said.

It was reminded in Akimat that smileys had previously appeared in Astana at the stops, the facades of residential buildings, in the pedestrian crossings area, in EXPO area and also right on the city asphalt.

“The smileys appear everywhere.We are also actively promoting this idea in social networks under hashtags: #akzharkynastana, #smileastana. Today we have more than three thousand posts and various photos on this topic," Kanalimov said.

He noted that the new cultural trend is actively supported by the capital's youth. According to Mr.Kanalimov, the action has become widespread, more students and volunteers are joining it.

“Young people during Community Work Days glued over the business objects with smileys. Where it is messy they glue a red smiley, which means: “Clean, wash me” and where it’s clean - just a smiley with a smile. These volunteers helped us. In addition, some students glue over their cars with Smile Astana emblem, to ensure that there is a friendly attitude towards each other on the road,” summed up the head of the Internal Policy Department of Akimat of Astana.

Let us remind, in early May, akim of the capital of Kazakhstan Asset Issekeshev proposed to launch Smile Astana project and make a set of rules for the residents of Astana. The mayor called on the townspeople to smile at each other, at people around, help the elderly, offer the elderly and pregnant go first in a queue and be polite. To implement the project, the city authorities even organized a special contest for the best photo or a sketch-idea "Happy Face, Beautiful Smile", which took place from May 17 to June 2.

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