The chain of mono-brand boutiques of EXPO souvenir products has opened in Astana

1 June

The chain of mono-brand boutiques of souvenirs of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 has opened in Astana. As the Chief Manager of Commercialization Department of JSC “NC” “Astana Expo 2017” Platon Kalinichenko said, the souvenir and image production of the exhibition will be represented by 250-300 names of products, “Kazinform" reports .

"The official competition for the selection of licensees for EXPO products was launched in August last year and continues to this day. The competition reviewed about 80 applications for participation and selected 26 companies representing a total of more than 200 names of the EXPO image products. The list will be expanded to 250-300 items. These are the consumer goods of the widest range, which we want to sell throughout the country within the framework of the exhibition,” Kalinichenko said.

The main requirements for the candidates for the production of EXPO image products were the availability of its own local production and the quality of the products themselves.

"Today we are launching a chain of mono-brand boutiques of licensed EXPO products, but previously boutiques were launched at Almaty airport and the capital's shopping and entertainment centre “Keruen”, but they were working in a test mode.The boutiques will be launched on the embankment of Astana, in the new railway station and in the new Astana airport terminal. There will be about 4-5 boutiques in Astana,” the representative of the organizer of EXPO 2017 shared.

He emphasized that the licensing program did not affect budgetary funds.

"I want to point out that not a single penny out of budget funds has been spent on the licensing program, all production of licensed products is carried out at the expense of the licensees themselves. This is a very good platform for both the current business and beginner entrepreneurs," Kalinichenko said.

The edition also names the cost of the most expensive items of EXPO image products.

"The cost of certain goods, frankly speaking, is impressive. In particular, a small picture of wood will cost more than 100,000 tenge (about 320 US dollars at the current rate - Note in the EXPO store," the agency notes.

As explained by the head of “Yassaui" company Temirlan Teleshov, who produces paintings, the cost is due to the complexity of production.

"We offer our customers 5 types of products specially designed for EXPO. The picture itself is made of wood, production and framing of products are carried out manually. In one picture can be used from 9 to 15 types of wood, depending on its complexity.The feature of the paintings is that we do not use colours when creating them. To reflect certain colours, we use only a tree of different tones and textures,” Teleshov said.

Photo of the picture -

For comparison, the newspaper writes, the throw blankets made from the sheep wool, sold in the same place, will cost connoisseurs 15,000 tenge, and similar throw blankets from camel wool - 30,000 tenge (about 48 and 96 US dollars, respectively - Note

"Our company was established in 2014 to implement a new investment project for the primary processing of camel and sheep wool, as well as the production of yarn of cloth throw blankets.The project is being implemented at the expense of the regional budget.Our products are of great interest to entrepreneurs from Russia and China," said the representative of "KaspiyLanaAtyrau" LLP Gabiden Kabdulov.

In mono-brand boutiques of EXPO image products, which opened in Astana, there are also goods produced by people with special needs. For instance, little fluffy handmade souvenirs-camels, which cost 3500 tenge.

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