The education of policemen started in Astana before the arrival of the EXPO guests

9 May

Policemen of Astana are taught the etiquette of communication with tourists on the eve of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. More than 160 law enforcement officers are undergoing special courses, reported.

"The aim of the courses is to train the guards to effectively communicate with foreign tourists. The police are taught the peculiarities of tourist etiquette in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and the specifics of communication with visitors from different countries", - said the course instructor Saule Bekmaganbetova.

It should be noted that police officers are taught not to greet everybody by shaking both hands and not to gesticulate actively when dealing with citizens. In addition, policemen are taught the English language. They are taught to ask simple questions to foreign guests in English and explain the way to cafes and restaurants.

"We teach police officers to hold simple dialogues: ask where they came from, how to pass, for example, to the river bank or to the Baiterek monument", - explained Gulnara Amenova, an English teacher.

Let us remind that earlier it became known that only about 200 of 5,000 police officers providing security during the EXPO can speak English fluently. Therefore, students who will accompany law enforcement officers during the patrolling of Astana and the exhibition objects have been called for to give a hand to the police.

It should be noted that on the eve of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana, work began on training the staff of the bus parks in the capital for meeting foreign guests. After many complaints the city authorities are currently trying to re-educate bus drivers, and the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, forbade hiring dangerous drivers to bus parks at a meeting on preparations for the exhibition.

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