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EXPO broke the contract with the author of a scandalous video about "burying" insulation

16 May

After the appearance of a scandalous video with the burial of an expensive insulation during the road construction, JSC "NC" “Astana EXPO 2017” convened an emergency briefing for journalists, “Sputnik” agency reports.

"EXPO organizers commented on the video about “burying" the insulation and showed the “culprit” of the scandal. The author of the scandalous video where workers "roll into concrete" expensive insulation “Penoplex" turned out to be a driver-contractor, bringing materials to the construction site. The procedure itself was not an embezzlement, but a modern technology in road building," media reports.

According to the project manager of Sembol company Akhmet Karakhan, the video captures the process of laying the insulation on the roof of the parking lot of the congress centre - this technology is licensed and fully corresponds to the field of application.

"We watched the video, and were very surprised. This planned project meets the european standards, all materials are american. It is not a paper, not carbon fibre, it is a polyplex that can withstand a load of 40 tons, in addition, it retains heat, dampens vibration. It was laid on the roof of the congress centre parking lot,” said a representative of the construction company.

He explained that the sand, concrete, and other familiar fillers were not used because of their weight.

"We can prove the strength of these materials, they were laid about  three weeks ago and have already been tested by heavy machines, including fire trucks and cargo trucks. Complete misunderstanding arose, and I apologize to everyone who was outraged by this video,” the project manager said.

According to the Agency, after the speech of Karakhan on the site appeared the author of a scandalous video - a 35-year-old entrepreneur Vyacheslav Pavlyukov, who is engaged in cargo transportation. He said that he brought the materials and saw something that seemed strange to him then decided to record a video and sent it to friends in Messenger.

"I had no idea the video would create so much noise, it was a long time ago, I don't even have it in my phone anymore, and suddenly it has surfaced in social networks. I immediately addressed the EXPO management and explained what happened. I sincerely apologize,” said the author of the video.

The edition notes that after the incident, the contract with the entrepreneur was terminated, however no charges were pressed.

It should be reminded, the scandalous video appeared in social networks on Sunday evening, May 14. Also a video, where the author off screen claimed that the builders buried the carbon, has spread through the messengers. Many users with indignation perceived what they saw.

Photo - Today.kz.

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