A thermonuclear reactor to be launched in Kazakhstan on the threshold of EXPO

15 May

In Kazakhstan, in the town of  Kurchatov on the threshold of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 a thermonuclear reactor will be put into operation. The agreement on its joint use by the CIS countries was approved in Russia, the "Ren TV" television channel reports.

The approved document entitles scientists from the CIS countries to use the experimental complex based on the Kazakhstan material science Tokamak - a toroidal chamber with magnetic coils, one of the models of a thermonuclear reactor.

In addition, the agreement provides for the appointment of competent authorities and the establishment of an advisory scientific and technical council.

It should be reminded that the model of the material science thermonuclear reactor "Tokamak" will be presented to the guests of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 in the national pavilion of Kazakhstan. “Tokamak” is an experimental thermonuclear installation for research and testing of materials under conditions of energy loads close to ITER (the project of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor)

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