The Parliament of Kazakhstan offered to simplify the temporary registration of foreign EXPO visitors

22 June

The deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan are concerned about the difficulties in the country’s migration legislation. The member of  “Ak Zhol" faction, Kenes Absatirov, made a request to the Prime Minister, citing an example of negative situations that occurred with foreigners by the fault of the Kazakh side, information portal reports.

“On May 22, a Mexican national was not allowed to board the flight Astana - Frankfurt in the airport of the capital, allegedly for exceeding the period of time on the territory of Kazakhstan. The controller of the border post, lacking sufficient knowledge of foreign language, was unable to explain the essence of the claim, and, despite the existence of a business visa in the passport until October 6, 2017, incorrectly interpreting paragraph 4 of Article 517 of the Administrative Code ( "Failure to exit during a period longer than three days after the expiry of the term" - note of the author) drew up a protocol on administrative offence, referring to the excess of one-month period. Only with the support of the employer's company through litigation, he proved that he did not violate the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” Absatirov said.

The deputy noted that the complexities of the foreigners registration procedure are known far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan, citing the example of the visit of Thai citizens to the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017.

“As soon as they arrived, the guests requested to immediately take them to the migration police registration office, because they were afraid to be arrested. After spending almost half a day at the migration police metropolitan office, the manager of the hotel only after the call of the management could speed up the process and send the guests to rest. To get acquainted with this nightmare more eloquently is possible on YouTube,” a member of “Ak Zhol" faction said.

The parliament proposed the abolition of migration cards for the entry and stay of migrants in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as their departure from the country in presence of valid passports.

"Moreover, the deputies requested the opening of additional temporary registration points of citizens at airports, railway and bus stations, as well as on the territory of EXPO 2017 exhibition complex," the edition reports.

Let us remind, in mid-April, the country’s leading tour operators also reported on the complexities of Kazakhstan's migration legislation.

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