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Pavlodar has an equal answer to the EXPO mascots

9 May

Restored matryoshkas (Russian nesting dolls) appeared in the center of Pavlodar. The look of the updated toys confused the city residents, the "Caravan" newspaper writes.

Residents of the city assume in social networks that the restoration of matryoshkas was entrusted to children. The residents write that one can die with fear looking at the toys. Some say that Pavlodar dolls can become a response to the ambiguous symbols of EXPO 2017 Moldir and Saule. In addition, the figures were compared with "penguins in kerchiefs" and suggested that "they were painted by the same person who made the statue of Ronaldo".

According to the local artist Konstantin Alexandrov, work on local attractions still need to be trusted to professionals.

Let us remind that earlier the mascots of the international specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 disappeared and then again returned to the streets of Astana with an updated appearance. Changes in the appearance of the mascots of the exhibition occurred after the social criticism of the people of Kazakhstan. However, the original restyle did not help much - this time the symbols of the international exhibition EXPO 2017 were laughed at by expatriates working in Kazakhstan.

Later there was another incident: Moldir mascot was blown away by the wind and after all the authors of the mascots were suspected of plagiarism.

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