Conference on the protection of the environment and energy conservation of France was held in the framework of EXPO

5 July

Issues of environmental protection and energy conservation in France werediscussed in Astana by representatives of French and Kazakhcompanies. The conference was held within the framework of the worldspecialized exhibition EXPO 2017, the information portal writes.

"Ourcompany is one of the main players in the field of environmentalprotection. I think that Kazakhstan has chosen the theme "FutureEnergy" for a certain reason since this is a serious challengefor the entire world community. We understand that we face quite alot of problems related to the climate. Since the signing of theParis Climate Agreement, many countries have committed themselves totaking all possible measures to reduce emissions to the atmosphereand conduct various activities to stop global warming at the levelthat we have now", - said the president of the company ADEME Bruno Leshven.

Thedevelopment of renewable energy sources, the guest believes, willsolve many global problems including the lack of jobs. About 10million people are already working in the field of renewable energy.France is at the stage of transition from nuclear energy to a "green"economy.

Ofcourse, in addition to the consciousness of society and thedevelopment of technology, money investments are necessary so thatthe state adopted the program "Financing the future" whichis operated by our company", - said Leshven.

Itshould be noted that the conference on environmental protection andenergy conservation is not the only event organized in the nationalpavilion of France. Earlier the international conference devoted to effective treatment of patients with diabetes was held in the Frenchpavilion EXPO 2017 within the framework of the world specialized exhibition.

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