The project of a supersonic vacuum train of Elon Musk was presented for the first time within the framework of EXPO

19 June

Supersonic vacuum trains will be ableto travel at the speed of about 1200 kilometers per hour. The technology of the future was first presented at the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana, the information portal reports.

The creative director of Hyperloop One, Colin Rhys, told about the innovative development at the conference by the special day of the international scientific and technical center.

"We are developing a system to completely change the way people and goods are moved by creating a pipe and eliminating the pressure in it so that they can be sent at incredibly high speeds: about 1200 kilometers per hour. As a result we reduce time and distance: so the trips which took days now take hours, trips that took hours, now take minutes", - Colin Rhys said.

The super-fast train will be first launched in Dubai in 2021, it will function between the emirates. Let us note that the idea of creation belongs to Elon Musk - the developer of Tesla cars.

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